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Channel Partners

KSC is looking to partner with fellow companies, consultants, individuals in the computer hardware space. If you are currently in the high tech area and can assist with the introduction of KSC products and services we'd love to hear from you. We are also open to the following channels: Value-added Resellers (VARS), IT resellers, software and/or solution providers, Appliance/network/storage vendors, consultants, OEM, system integrators, and organizations that service small/medium/large businesses, education, government, etc.


Our value added reseller partners are an extension of KSC and we are here to help our partners grow and succeed. Our goal is to provide the best resources and assistance that a reseller requires.

  • Dedicated partner support
  • Technical and hands-on training
  • Sales/Marketing assistance
  • Immediate sales questions
  • Quick solutions

Over 20+ years of experience with hardware manufacturing, from design to development to implementation. You can count on us to customize turn-key, integration of software, cost saving production, installation of 3rd party software, quick production time, and marketing techniques to grow business. Located in heart of Silicon Valley, we have helped many startups and corporations achieve success.

  • Product management (design, develop, research, QA, test, implement)
  • Software integration
  • Quality assurance: stress test, burn in, compliance
  • Hardware installation, testing, racking, performance review
  • Custom branding and private labeling
  • Logistics: inventory management and control, pack/ship, tracking

Independent Agent
Looking to partner with Independent agents, consultants, and system integrators in the industry with wide network to influence direct customers but not dealing with hardware. Partner with us to offer complete solutions.

  • Dedicated support
  • Financial Incentives and rewards

Solution Providers
Hardware and software integration that create turn-key solutions for virtualization, cloud, data, storage, network and custom solutions. We provide build, integration, design/development and marketing.

  • Product design
  • Custom software integration
  • Quality assurance
  • Software installation, burn in, stress test
  • Hardware build, integrate, turn-key, racking
  • Inventory management and control
  • Custom branding and private labeling

Contact Us

Utilize the KSC partner program to grow your business to profitability while saving costs. KSC has over 20+ years of industrial experience to serve all your needs. Contact us via email, phone or fill out the form below for further information.

Phone: (408) 736-8590