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Integrated Data Center Services

Integrated Data Center Services

With our professional IT team, KSC delivers excellent support on hardware and software to maintain performance and your valuable systems. Physical support on any request you have.


Full Access IPMI

Remote KVM, Reboots

Support OS Reinstall


Unlimited Traffic

DDOS Protection

1GB or 10GB Port


24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Tech Support on any issue to keep your device up and running smoothly

Replace parts in one minute

Physical On-site services

On-site Physical Support Services

  • Escort & move-in assistance

  • Product rack & stack services

  • Asset Labeling & Management

  • OS Installs & Upgrades services

  • Cable checks, installation and parts replacement

  • General maintenance on systems

  • Equipment error checks, reboots

  • Live Chat & Call to assist your needs

  • Shipping & Receiving

Dedicated Server Options